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Spin Master Brave Bunnies Basic Figures Sets, 3 units, each one with 1 rabbit figure, painting, skateboard or treasure hunt
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The Brave Bunnies are known for the television series "Brave Bunnies - Liebre Bande Travels" on SUPER RTL. The bunnies Bop and Boo are siblings and have many adventures with their rabbit family and friends. Children can collect three different games: in the painting package with bunny girl Boo and Bao Panda, they will paint a canvas; in the skateboard package with bunny Bop and Ricky Raccoon, the animals will skate; and in the treasure hunt package with Boo and Garry Tiger, the friends will find a treasure chest. The figures can move their arms, legs, and head, and connect to the accessories through notches in their hands and feet. Bop and Boo even shake their ears. After unpacking the figures, the cardboard can be opened and used as a coloring page. For even more play possibilities, there is a skateboard game and a treasure hunt game (each sold separately). Suitable for children aged 3 and above.


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