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Small World of Warcraft
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The war for Azeroth has begun! A new day dawns in Azeroth. A day like all the ones before and all the ones that will follow. A day of ruthless struggle for control of World of Warcraft. It's not just that this Small World is a territory too small for everyone, but it also harbors the endless conflict between the factions of the Alliance and the Horde. It has already dawned. The time to fight at the forefront of this battle has come. Small World of Warcraft is a standalone board game set in the glorious universe of Azeroth, where 2 to 5 players will compete for control of various islands in this hostile world. Your only hope will be to choose the right combination of races and special powers. Once you have claimed a piece of land, defeat your enemies and expand your territory. If you manage to occupy legendary places and control powerful magical artifacts, you will reach new heights of domination. However, over time, every empire must fall, so be prepared to decline the races that have spread too far and lead another new one to glory. Only then can you end up ruling Azeroth.
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