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Momo Black Racing Steering Wheel MOD.08 35 cm.
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The MOMO MOD.08 racing steering wheel is an essential piece for rally style lovers and sporty driving. Designed in black, this steering wheel stands out for its elegant leather or suede finish, providing a touch of sophistication. The matte black horn design with the MOMO logo gives it a sporty and distinctive look. With a diameter of 13.78 inches (350 mm) and a rim of 1.18 inches (30 mm), it offers a comfortable and secure grip for precise handling in any situation. Weighing 2.65 pounds (1.202 kg) and with an 88 mm offset, this steering wheel provides a balanced and agile feeling while driving. Get ready to experience an exceptional driving experience with the MOMO MOD.08 steering wheel, ideal for those seeking authentic rally style and optimal performance on the track.

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