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Supermarket Shopper Deluxe Boys | Toy Store with Sounds and Accessories | for boys and girls from 3 years old | Measurements: 73.5 x 50 x 91.1 cm (84104)
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The fridge is empty: it's time to go to the supermarket. Bread, vegetables, fruit, juice, cheese... All the products are available in this supermarket, which also has electronic sound in the card reader, the scale, and the scanner. The little ones love to accompany mom and dad to do the shopping. Helping to make the list of what is missing, searching the shelves for products, and of course, trying to get them to buy a chocolate bar for after lunch. The Supermarket Shopper Deluxe brings the experience of going shopping to the little ones, who can fill their basket with all kinds of food, scan them, and pay with a credit card. The products have a price and can be weighed on a scale. The scale, the scanner, and the card reader have electronic sound.
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