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Set of Rose Quartz Runes - Viking Healing Stones - Divination and Meditation - Spiritual Gifts
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Runic stones have been used for centuries as a tool for divination. Each runic stone is inscribed with a symbol and each symbol has a special meaning. These beautiful sets of runes made from all-natural Reiki stones are fully engraved and hand-painted in gold leaf. Having your items carved, sets symbols deep into the crystals, embedding the symbol of eternity. Enhances the power of intellect, creativity, and self-respect. Brings good luck into your life. Enhances emotional balance. Grants a person love and prosperity. Runic stones available through Natures Energies. All runic symbols have been hand-engraved on each of the crystals. It is said to bring wealth, prosperity, and good luck, as well as an excellent Feng Shui figurine. It will help you attract all good things, enhance your creativity, and bring a joyful vibration. Apart from their beautiful appearance and excellent luster, gemstones are well-known healing crystals with powerful healing properties.
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