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Expansion resin Henkel Tangit M 3000 300 ml
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Innovative 2K expansion resin for sealing individual and multi-riffle entries, leak repair, sewerage and wall cables, and well construction. Safety tips: Before starting processing, it is necessary to consult the precautions and safety tips using the current safety data sheet. The safety data sheet is available at www.mysds.henkel.com. Information for allergic people under tel. 0049 (0) 211 797 0 (Emergency labeling Keep out of reach of children. Causes irritation to eyes, respiratory tract, and skin. Allergies may occur through inhalation and skin contact. We recommend the preventive use of protective gloves to avoid skin contact and maximum cleanliness (wash hands and take care with cream or greasy protective emulsion). In case of contact with eyes, rinse well with water and consult a doctor. Change clothes stained with glue. Observe the rules and regulations of the professional cooperative and the information on the safety data sheet. In case of contact with fresh foam on the skin, it must be removed immediately. Removal of cured product from the skin is possible exclusively mechanically. Then wash with water and soap and then grease the skin. This product contains diisocyanates. Before use, appropriate training is mandatory. Features: - Two-component expansion resin. - No propellant gas. - No need to prepare the work. - Self-refilling, securely closes all advances. - Already after 5 minutes of operation, after 30 minutes it is fixed - Ideal for repair work (even on wet surfaces). - Repairs possible from inside the building. - Does not shrink - Guaranteed exact mixing ratio - Gas tightness certified by Fraunhofe...
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