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Dark Crystal Essence Vial Replica - Weta Collectibles Damaged Packaging
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Gloomy fruit of evil science, essence vials were small glass containers in which the life essences drained from captured gelflings were distilled. These delicate jars of life force were eagerly consumed by the pernicious skeksis, thus artificially extending their own long and thin lives. The discovery of this secret crime and its consequences will shake the foundations of Thra. The Dark Crystal Essence Vial replica joins the exquisitely detailed range of dark crystal collectible objects from Weta Workshop, a range that pays homage to the fantastical and layered world of Thra. Handmade from glass and resin, this 1:1 scale item features unique LED lighting to replicate the radiant essence seen on screen. Dimensions: 8 x 12 x 6 cm. Safety warning: Use under adult supervision.


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