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Moroccan Mint and Cinnamon Infusion Lipton, 20 bags of 2g Damaged Packaging (Exp: 30/04/2025)
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The 20 sachets of Lipton Moroccan Mint & Cinnamon Herbal Tea accompany you for a refreshing and spicy break. A delicious blend of mint and cinnamon, perfect for a moment of relaxation and lightness after a good meal. The Pyramid sachet developed by Lipton allows all the ingredients to generously express their natural aromas so you can enjoy all the pleasures of your digestive herbal tea. - Ingredients: cinnamon (27%), chicory, rosehip, licorice (18%), orange peel, flavor (4%), mint (2.5%) - Contains licorice. People with hypertension should avoid excessive consumption. - Directions: steep 1 sachet for 4 to 5 minutes in 200 ml of water at 100°C (without sugar).
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