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Hansaplast Universal Plasters - Set of 100 water- and dirt-resistant strips with high adhesion for large wounds (Expiry: 30/12/2023)
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The Hansaplast Universal Plaster is the perfect solution for protecting minor wounds and injuries. Made of durable material, it is water and dirt resistant, ensuring reliable protection in any situation. The strong adhesive power of the dressing material ensures a secure hold, while the plaster's flexibility allows the skin to breathe. The large pack is practical for pharmacies, doctor's practices, nursing services, senior homes or nurseries. The Hansaplast Universal Plaster is also latex-free, eliminating the risk of allergy caused by latex. With the added benefit of the Hansaplast Bacteria Shield, which protects against dirt and 99% of bacteria, this plaster is the ideal choice for fast and effective wound healing. Application is easy - simply clean the wound and gently remove small foreign bodies or dirt, then dry the skin around the wound. Protect the wound with the universal plaster or sterile wound dressing from Hansaplast, changing it daily unless otherwise recommended by a doctor. Ingredients: N/A.

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