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Garland 105W -V20 - battery fumigator Damaged Packaging
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Battery-powered fumigator for liquids with a 12 V motor and 1.3 Ah acid battery and 5 l tank capacity, with 0.6 l/min maximum flow rate and 4 bar pressure. Includes battery and charger. Up to 2 hours of effortless fumigation work, ideal for home gardens due to its low weight. Its TSS system stops the pump when the trigger is stopped, avoiding dripping and unnecessary battery consumption. Equipped with a 42cm stainless steel lance and angled nozzle.
workspace_premiumWarranty of 36 months

Technical features

Product type:
Hand garden sprayer
Tank capacity:
5 L
Product colour:
White, Yellow
Maximum pressure:
4 bar
Ergonomic handle:
Suitable for:
Weight & dimensions
2.3 kg
Garland Damaged Packaging

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