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Deluxe Flower Elixir - Perfume For Clothes, Gel Format, Glamour Scent, 300 ml
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FLOR ELIXIR DELUXE. Flor Elixir Deluxe awakens your senses with its evocative fragrance. An aromatic and sophisticated fragrance inspired by perfumes, with 30 essential oils that give your clothes a touch of fragrance throughout the day. In addition, being a gel format, it dissolves quickly even in cold water. Add it to the fabric softener dispenser of the washing machine or directly to the drum. FLOR ELIXIR DELUXE GLAMOUR FRAGRANCE. Glamour is an elegant fragrance with floral tones, a blend of lavender and rose essential oils, enhanced by an intense amber aroma. A fresh and sophisticated sensory experience. Discover the rest of the fragrances from Flor Elixir.

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