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Damaged packaging
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Dewalt DW733Q-QS Portable Thicknesser 1,800W 317mm Damaged Packaging
VAT Included
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Ref: 00444632
• Lever system to fix the selected measurement and avoid unevenness in the finish • Large material input and output supports for better material support • 4-column design for greater stability of the head that offers a perfect surface finish • Designed for easy mobility • Powerful 1800W motor that facilitates surface smoothing work • The tool can be fixed to a bench thanks to the holes inserted in the base • The thickness scale, the material removal indicator, and the graduated depth adjustment crank allow for easy thicknessing
workspace_premiumWarranty of 36 months

Technical features

1800 W
Idle speed:
10000 RPM
Surface planing material removal (max):
2 mm
Thickness planing material removal (max):
15.2 cm
Thickness opening (max):
31.7 cm
Feed rate:
8 m/min
Dust extraction:
Weight & dimensions
520 mm
310 mm
445 mm
33.6 kg
DeWalt Damaged Packaging

What Is Damaged Packaging?

Our products in this category are brand new, never been used, and come with the same warranty as a new product. The only difference is that the packaging may have minor defects that do not affect the product's functionality and may have been opened for technical inspection.

What Can You Expect?

  • New Products: Despite minor flaws in the packaging, our products are entirely new and function optimally. We have carefully ensured that the condition of the product inside is in no way compromised.
  • Warranty: Despite minor damage to the packaging, we guarantee full coverage for 36 months, the same as we offer for our new products.
  • Complete Accessories: Just like a new product, you will receive all the accessories and components necessary for the proper operation of the product.
  • Great Discounts: The primary advantage of products with "Damaged Packaging" is savings. Due to imperfections in the packaging, we offer these products at significantly lower prices than new products in the market.
  • Optional Generic Box: If the condition of the packaging is more severe, and the original box is not in optimal condition, the product may arrive in a generic box. This does not affect the product's performance in any way and is a practical solution for those seeking real savings.

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